Jun Akiyama vs. The Bodyguard (AJPW, 4/24/16, Champion Carnival)

I didn't expect this one to be a sprint, mostly because it involved The Bodyguard, a man who may be physically incapable of sprinting, but that's what it was. Just seeing these two go at it was something, and Bodyguard's presence as a prominent figure on the Japanese wrestling scene is as confusing as it... Continue Reading →


Danny Garnell vs. Rob Lynch (PROGRESS, 7/28/13, Last Man Standing)

Another deep PROGRESS cut, although this one (and another that immediately followed it) would link into the Jimmy Havoc vs. PROGRESS storyline, one of the best stories in wrestling in the last few years. The London Riots had been knocking about for a while as villains (an early match saw them kick the shit out... Continue Reading →

WCPW “Loaded” #1 1/27/16

Oh boy. In this peculiar era of the internet, where people seem more willing to express their love of the wrestling, combined with certain YouTube channels getting really popular, it seemed inevitable that one of these channels would attempt their own promotion. And so we have What Culture Pro Wrestling, a UK independent promotion featuring... Continue Reading →

#CCK vs. Bayside High (ATTACK! 4/3/16, ATTACK! Pro Tag Titles, Ladder Match)

Lots of wrestling promotions are getting their act together with¬†online distribution services nowadays and one of those promotions is ATTACK!, whose shows are readily available to buy and stream on Vimeo. The bad news is that this preys on impulse buyers like myself who can't resist clicking a few buttons to see some exciting new... Continue Reading →

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