Atsushi Onita, Tarzan Goto & El Hijo del Santo vs. Negro Casas, Horace Boulder & Tim Patterson (FMW/UWA/WWA, 5/16/92)

I’m going to be perfectly honest, I only watched this match because the lineup on its own is one of the most ridiculous things I think I’ve ever seen. That it ended up being really entertaining was just a cheeky bonus. Goto and Onita immediately started off the match by brawling through the crowd and up into the bleachers with Patterson and Horace, beating the absolute motherfucking shit out of them all the way. Meanwhile Casas and Santo basically had a splendid lucha libre match in the ring, as these two often did. On several occasions it seemed like in order to save time they’d booked two simultaneous matches, and those two matches, while wildly different, were actually pretty good. Eventually Santo did a tope to the floor which was almost like him and Casas vacating the ring so the brawling boys could actually get in the ring.


Patterson and Horace’s roles in this match were basically crash test dummies for the Japanese lads to beat the hell out of, and they seemed to do this role pretty well as I remember them contributing very little but not really doing anything wrong either. They were simply the unwilling passengers on Atsushi Onita’s road trip to the concession stand. Casas was also great here (as he somehow is two and a half decades later), outwrestling Santo one minute and playing the chickenshit when faced with an Onita mauling the next. This was a bizarre clash of styles in front of a crowd that ate it all up and it’s well worth watching.


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