By Jesus, there’s another one of these matches. This one’s from a few weeks before this one, swapping Okabayashi out for the wonderful Ryoto Hama, who in the promotion of the big lads may be the biggest lad of them all. He’s a remarkably good wrestler for someone so fat. After watching the later encounter before this it was very odd to see Nakanoue and Suzuki just grappling around at the start of the match, with just a few hints that Suzuki was roughing Nakanoue up or patronising him for being filthy rookie scum. It took a while and then Suzuki snapped, tagging in and immediately grabbing Nakanoue in a front facelock. Then shit just got unruly. Suzuki slapped Nakanoue about a bit then challenged him to fight back. When the response he got was not adequately strong he threw Nakanoue to the floor like a sack of shit and kicked his head in.


Uto tried to properly wrestle throughout the match which created some weird tension with Suzuki, who clearly had no interest in actually teaming with this man, seeing it more as a mild inconvenience on his path to ending a life. Also inconveniencing him was Hama jiggling about and generally having a good time, oblivious to whatever else might have been happening. Truly the most adorable man in wrestling. He splashed onto Uto to get the pin while Nakanoue and Suzuki continued to brawl on the outside. Not quite as wild as what followed a few weeks later but an exciting prelude to violence.