Hideki Suzuki & Yoshihisa Uto vs. Yasufumi Nakanoue & Yuji Okabayashi (BJW, 5/30/16)

One of the finest dynamics in pro wrestling is when you put a fresh-faced young rookie up against a grizzled veteran. The more annoyed the veteran is the better. This is the situation we found ourselves in here, as Hideki Suzuki wanted to absolutely end Wrestle-1 youngster Nakanoue’s life, and Nakanoue wasn’t particularly willing to cooperate with this. This issue presumably came from Hideki Suzuki’s time as the Wrestle-1 champion where he ran through all challengers until KAI somehow beat him (then immediately became an alcoholic homeless man/Ken Ohka associate). I say “presumably” because this match was disproportiently violent for any sort of beef involving Wrestle-1. They went at it immediately, so much so that the ref just threw the match out and everyone was pissed off.


A mutual decision seemed to be reached that it was probably best, if they’re going to kill each other anyway, they may as well get a bit of hype by uploading the match to Russian YouTube instead of violently murdering each other backstage, so it got restarted. Suzuki immediately smashed the everloving shit out of Nakanoue and ended his life by standing on his goddamn face. I’m not a big Suzuki fan but sweet Jesus, when that boy wants to give off a legit badass aura he has no problem doing so.Nakanoue rallied back but Suzuki restrained him like a bouncer taking down an unruly drunk, and he kinda liked doing it. Uto and Okabayashi, who up to this point had been concerned bystanders, tried to have a perfectly normal big lads match but every time they did this they were distracted by Suzuki mauling Nakanoue. Uto tried to calm Suzuki down and this ended with them brawling too. Okabayashi then slapped Nakanoue to get him fired up, and they teamed up to take Suzuki down and restore normality until Yuji made Uto submit to the Accolade. Suzuki continued to rampage after the match like a Godzilla.


This was one of the wildest matches I’ve seen all year, and in terms of building up a number of future matches and Hideki Suzuki on his own, this could not have been more successful. Suzuki looked like a madman and I want to see him fight most wrestlers. Suzuki vs. Nakanoue blurred that line between work and shoot to the point where (a) it was genuinely uncomfortable at times, and (b) I have to assume there’s some legitimate beef. Not since Mickie Knuckles beat up a fat mentally handicapped backyarder have I seen such violence. An absolute mess but a beautiful mess.


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