Tyler Black vs. Marty Jannetty (FSM, 5/11/07)

I miss Fight Sports Midwest. In a world where PWG throw down independent “dream matches” in every single match, FSM showed a bit of creativity. Their matches were just weird. The weirdness may not have been for everybody, hence the reason they only ran two shows, but they were an interesting two shows. They weren’t afraid to book the top independent wrestlers of the time in these oddball matches; one of the great tragedies of their whole situation is that, due to the cancellation of the third show, we never saw the announced Homicide vs. Haku match. This match saw Tyler Black, a rising star on the scene at the time (he would debut in ROH later in the year), facing his childhood hero, who had relearned how to walk in the two years since Kurt Angle broke his ankle and used that event to redefine music. He had been fired from WWE earlier in the year when WWE realised they hadn’t fired him in a while.


This was a bit of a weird match, mostly because it strongly resembled a WWF weekend television show match. I’m not saying I expected Marty to go out and bust out a load of dives but it was worked at that slower pace, and Tyler changed it up to accommodate his older opponent. He wasn’t even a heel as such, he was just the man responsible for beating up Marty so the big 1980s babyface comeback could happen complete with big back body drops, flying forearms and back elbows. Then Jannetty ducked a clothesline and just won with a superkick in like eight minutes. As a fun little match where a wrestler gets to have a fun match with his idol, totally fine with this. However, Too Cold Scorpio randomly going all out and having fucking amazing (by any standard) matches with Low Ki and the like this was not. This all seemed more like setup for an angle after the match anyway as Arik Cannon, who’d been doing commentary, decided to attack Tyler. Marty wasn’t down with that so he made the save and did some Rockers moves on Cannon, then everyone had a big hug and it was lovely! This whole thing was probably awesome for Tyler.


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