Chip Day vs. Cedric Alexander (AWE, 12/27/15)

Southern wrestling sucks.

Nah. It doesn’t. There’s an ongoing thing on the popular website Twitter dot com where UK wrestling fanboys (just me) and fans of southern US indy wrestling (like three other people) take potshots at each other. It’s all in good fun between fans of two scenes that seem to be doing pretty well nowadays, and I like to think the end result is everyone watching everything because everyone loves the wrestling, no matter where it comes from. However, much like when I watched the entire Twilight series of films solely because I wanted to make informed criticism (despite wanting to die throughout most of them), what kind of a man would I be if I didn’t give a single match a chance? What if it’s really good? At the very worst it may teach me a brand new way to hate. If I don’t like something I probably won’t watch it but I like to reevaluate every now and then just in case. Surely the end goal of any fair criticism is to see, and praise, improvement if this occurs? Plus it’s easier to make slightly more cutting jokes if you kinda know what you’re talking about. Chip Day seems to be one of the darlings of this particular scene, so seeing him here against an established indyman like Cedric Alexander was a decent introduction, or reintroduction if you include the CHIKARA match Chip had years ago. You shouldn’t, I remember none of it.


The fans chanted “TOP PROSPECT” at the start which was bullshit because I was looking at the screen and I did not see Pelle Primeau. I did not see Mitch Franklin. Thank the lord I did not see Shane Hagadorn. And Ernie Osiris’s creepy erection… well, it may very well have been there. The two lads traded slappy kicks early on which were pretty cool, mostly because sole butt kicks are the best when executed well. Ultimo Dragon does them and he’s a classy man. Chip Day seems to be all about those slappy kicks in general, he kinda comes across as a bit too “indy wrestler 101” and him constantly hitting his pleather pants was probably done a bit too much for my liking. Against a lesser opponent this would have been more annoying because, breaking news, Cedric Alexander is awesome. There’s a lot of wrestlers who can do a vague approximation of the stuff he does but far less can execute it with the same crispness. Everything looks a cut above.


To his credit though, Chip Day was decent here, and the fans clearly loved him. Cedric got the internet sweating by backdropping Chip onto the ring apron (it’s the hardest part of the ring you know) and connected with a murder-death-kill sequence of moves culminating in the Lumbar Check that sent Chip spilling to the floor. Cedric bodied Chip with three heat-seeking dropkicks in the corner but shoving the referee away from Day cost him, as it allowed Chip to kick him in the nadgers, then kick him in the head, and finally pin him with a fisherman buster. This was a decent match, although I’m starting to believe that Cedric Alexander is incapable of having anything less than that. They worked at a pretty brisk pace and went at it with a fairly physical style that I enjoyed, very much in line with the current trendy indy style. By those standards it wasn’t anything overly remarkable (I watch a lot of that and I’m very jaded) but you can’t fault the effort and it was an easy watch.

Chip Day still sounds like the name of an anthropomorphic animal from a children’s television show, one of Arthur’s mates probably.


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