The Revival vs. #DIY (WWE, 11/19/16, NXT Tag Team Titles, Best of 3 Falls)

Over the past year the roster of WWE's NXT brand has changed significantly. With the majority of the acclaimed women's division moving to Raw and Smackdown, the matches that have stolen the show more often than not have been from the NXT tag team division. This is thanks in large part to it being built... Continue Reading →


Team Austin vs. Team Bischoff (WWE, 11/16/03)

Survivor Series 2003, right in the middle of the original brand split, saw both Raw and Smackdown present a pair of traditional elimination tag team matches after their absence the prior year, where they opted to use other elimination formats to fit the theme of the event (most notably the first Elimination Chamber). While the Smackdown effort... Continue Reading →

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