The AUTsiders vs. Hot & Spicy (wXw, wXw Tag Team Title Match, 11/16/13)

If there's one thing I love about the growing number of wrestling streaming services it's the archive content. Whereas previously you'd hear of a hidden gem and you'd have to seek out a DVD or a compilation DVD, with a subscription you can find all sorts on shows you might not otherwise immediately seek out.... Continue Reading →


Mike Quackenbush vs. Drew Gulak (CHIKARA, 12/3/16)

The 2016 CHIKARA season finale saw a number of wrestlers bid farewell to the company. Following the loss of his mask to Frightmare comments on social media suggested that Amasis would be continuing his career under a new name/persona outside of the promotion, while Colony stalwart Soldier Ant retired after a decade of service with a... Continue Reading →

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