NOAH “Navigate For The Future 2018, Day 1” ~ 6 January 2018

The Story So Far: NOAH had an incredibly strong conclusion to 2017. Kenoh won the Global League then took the GHC heavyweight title from Eddie Edwards, declaring his intention to take NOAH back to Budokan Hall. “Follow me, you bastards!” At that same show Kaito Kiyomiya returned from his excursion, immediately challenging Kenoh to his... Continue Reading →


NJPW “Lion’s Gate Project 7” ~ 7/4/17

2017 has been a hell of a year for wrestling in a number of ways, most encouragingly when it comes to the younger talent that is breaking through. This is certainly the case in Japan, where every promotion seems to have at least a handful of extremely promising stars on their undercards who are likely... Continue Reading →

WCPW “Loaded” #1 1/27/16

Oh boy. In this peculiar era of the internet, where people seem more willing to express their love of the wrestling, combined with certain YouTube channels getting really popular, it seemed inevitable that one of these channels would attempt their own promotion. And so we have What Culture Pro Wrestling, a UK independent promotion featuring... Continue Reading →

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