HERE WE GO #9: Alejandro Saez vs. Hi69 (7 January 2017)

BACKSTORY: To say NOAH was in a dire spot in early 2017 would be an understatement. Having been essentially kept afloat by New Japan for the prior two years, NOAH appeared in prime position to be bought almost outright by Bushiroad. However, in November the company had been bought by IT company Estbee. New Japan... Continue Reading →


HERE WE GO #8: KENTA vs. Naomichi Marufuji (22 January 2006)

BACKSTORY: When All Japan Pro Wrestling's roster departed for Pro Wrestling NOAH in 2000 it was easy to focus on the big names that had left. Mitsuharu Misawa. Kenta Kobashi. Jun Akiyama. These were the main men, not figures to be easily replaced overnight. However, two youngsters were also part of that exodus, a pair... Continue Reading →

HERE WE GO #1: Kenta Kobashi & Jun Akiyama vs. Mitsuharu Misawa & Akira Taue (5 August 2000)

First, some preamble to explain just what this is! If you're a child of 2000s wrestling forums with an interest in Japanese wrestling, you probably loved Pro Wrestling NOAH. At least I did. They were that decade's hot promotion and with good reason. While NJPW combined the sublime with the ridiculous (seriously) and Keiji Mutoh... Continue Reading →

Grab Bag Reviews #2 ~ Too Many Dragons

And now the awkward second album! Response to the first edition was positive, mostly from bakers who've reported booming sales figures following a positive review for Ohka vs. Kikuchi, although a potential sponsorship deal really depends on whether I can find any other bread deathmatches. While I look for them, here's some bread-free bouts. Ultimo... Continue Reading →

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