NOAH “Navigate For The Future 2018, Day 1” ~ 6 January 2018

The Story So Far: NOAH had an incredibly strong conclusion to 2017. Kenoh won the Global League then took the GHC heavyweight title from Eddie Edwards, declaring his intention to take NOAH back to Budokan Hall. “Follow me, you bastards!” At that same show Kaito Kiyomiya returned from his excursion, immediately challenging Kenoh to his... Continue Reading →


Back from the Dead: The Rebirth of Pro Wrestling NOAH

On 11 May 2013 the wrestling world said goodbye to Kenta Kobashi as an in-ring performer. After twenty five years, the All Japan and NOAH legend went out a winner with one final moonsault in front of a huge crowd, competing in the same ring as legends who bowed before him and younger wrestlers who'd... Continue Reading →


Much of the writing I do usually focuses on an individual match, maybe an individual wrestler, usually as an excuse to talk about a wider issue or aspect that interests me. This is a little bit more personal and isn't explicitly a King of Trios show review. I might do one of those at some... Continue Reading →

Grab Bag Reviews #2 ~ Too Many Dragons

And now the awkward second album! Response to the first edition was positive, mostly from bakers who've reported booming sales figures following a positive review for Ohka vs. Kikuchi, although a potential sponsorship deal really depends on whether I can find any other bread deathmatches. While I look for them, here's some bread-free bouts. Ultimo... Continue Reading →

Lightning Kid vs. Jerry Lynn (GWF, 12/27/91, GWF Light Heavyweight Title Match)

This match was an interesting one. The Global Wrestling Federation is a promotion I've always found more entertaining to hear discussed than watched, as covered extensively in a pair of Joe vs. The World podcasts discussing all of the assorted stories both on and off screen. However, Lightning Kid and Jerry Lynn are definitely two of the wrestlers... Continue Reading →

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